Let me say from the onset, that I owe Joe a debt of Gratitude. I can truly say Thank You!!  Four years ago, I was told I needed a hip replacement after being told I had no more cartridge in that hip socket.  Also, at the same time, I was told that I had a rotator cuff tear!  Being a very, very physically active person, I sought other options, one of which was sports medicine.  A Doctor that I saw suggested this “CBD CREAM” suggesting that it may may soothe body muscle and joint discomfort. It not only helped relieve my discomfort, which was difficult at times, but allowed me 4 1/2 years more activity. My shoulder, with therapy and CBD Cream (and I wouldn’t dare try/use anything else) is still very manageable and I doubt I will have any need for sub, as long as I live within healthy guidelines.
This stuff is AMAZING!!
Sincerely, Eagle (69 and I’m doing fine)