Our Mission

At Golf Rx CBD, our mission is to help customers above all else. We do this by producing the cleanest best CBD product in the world and we are dedicated to bringing organic non-GMO pharmaceutical medical grade products to our customers. Our most popular product, a 2000 mg pharmaceutical medical grade topical cream can be applied to the affected area and may soothe body muscle and joint discomfort.

What Sets Us Apart?

Cannabis grown for recreational purposes often contains more THC than CBD. However, by using selective breeding techniques, cannabis breeders have managed to create varieties with high levels of CBD and next to zero levels of THC. There are currently three types of cannabis- indica, sativa and ruderalis (also referred to as hemp). Hemp is the least efficient source of procuring therapeutic cannabinoids. However, hemp and hemp products are legal to import to the U.S. and ship from state to state (although growing the hemp plant is federally illegal). The CBD oil we use to make our product contains about 1% THC. Federal shipping regulations on hemp products state that anything testing at 0.3% THC or less may be legally shipped across state lines. So although the pure extract we use is only legal in Colorado, the dilution experienced when we formulate it into an effective topical lotion gives us a unique ability to pack 100mg of active cannabidiol in every 2oz container of cream, while simultaneously abiding to federal shipping regulations.

Some of the main issues with current CBD products are that (1) They are utilizing hemp-extracted cannabidiol. The problem is, because of hemp’s lack of therapeutic concentrations of cannabinoids, it takes much larger amounts of plant matter to extract equivalent levels of CBD. To achieve this, producers are using harsh chemicals in their extraction processes. Our oil comes from CO2 based extractions. There are no residual chemicals or solvents contained in our oil or final product that may cause harm to the consumer. (2) There are no current standards for what makes a CBD product.  (This is why there are no reliable sources). Many distributors are selling these products with false claims of effectiveness. The fact that there is no testing required to confirm that these CBD products have the amount of CBD in them that the maker’s claim, creates a surplus of fraudulent suppliers. We are willing to lab test every batch of our product to ensure accurate dosing information and efficacy. As of right now, every batch of Golf Rx CBD Cream is handmade with the utmost care to provide a consistent and quality product to our consumers.

Joseph Infante Founder GolfRx

My Story

My story begins in the late hours of August 23rd, 2005. The outer bands of Hurricane Katrina were hitting south Florida at the time. Katrina, as we know, eventually made its way up the Gulf of Mexico and slammed into New Orleans and many other states. I was driving home on the Florida Turnpike in Palm Beach County around 1 A.M. There was a torrential downpour as I came across an overturned SUV that was on its side in the middle of the highway. I pulled over, put my hazards on and ran into the highway to assist. There was a tractor trailer coming towards me, I could tell from the size and luminosity of the lights.

A girl was trapped in the SUV, as the driver’s side was pinned to the pavement. I attempted to kick in the windshield at first, but my foot kept slipping because of the rain. I then climbed up the tires, broke the passenger window and proceeded to pull Julie out of the wreck. As I pulled her out, we were standing on the passenger side door. I had her in my arms as we prepared to jump down to the road when it hit? The tandem trailer smashed into her car and threw us over 300 feet across the highway and into a grass ravine. We were on the side of the road, in and out of consciousness when the Trauma Hawk arrived. I thank the passing motorist that called 911 because we found out later that the driver of the tractor trailer who had hit us never called for help.

Instead, he called his Depot Manager. I can also never thank the Trauma Hawk team of Palm Beach County enough for saving my life. That’s the accident. Now it’s time to talk about the rehab and my struggle with opiates for the several years following the accident. As a result of the impact, I lost my left eye, broke both legs, both arms, suffered a fractured skull and was placed in a medically induced coma for the first 9 weeks of my recovery. I was in rehab for two years and the struggle to be normal and regain my life back was the toughest fight I’ve ever been in (and I’ve been in a few tough ones). I was on and off Percocet for almost 7 years. I finally got myself help in the form of therapy to understand the toll these meds were taking on me and my relationships (it cost me a lot of them). The problem was that I became dependent on narcotics to get me through my days and nights. I would get off prescription pain killers and sleeping aides for months at a time and regain my perspective, but every time I wanted to get in shape or be active, I had to go back on them in order to deal with the pain it caused. Over time, I realized that it was inflammation that was causing most of my pain. I knew I could never be the same as I was, but my mind would say one thing and my body would tell me another.

After years of abuse and a miserable existence, I started to look for alternative ways to keep myself healthy while circumventing the painful consequences that conventional exercises were causing me. I tried Yoga, bike riding, etc. But, the pain was still unbearable. I started using CBD topicals about a year and a half ago and with them, found some relief for the first time. Understand something, I am not saying that CBD takes the place of opiates, and there is a real need for opiates as they do a great deal of good for people when it comes to pain management routines. However, our current healthcare system is abusing them. They are being over-prescribed to a point that their abuse has become an epidemic. We have a rampant problem with prescription overdoses and addiction in this country. It is time that we find an alternative approach to pain management that will alleviate our dependence to dangerous narcotics.

Since I started using CBD to relieve my chronic inflammation, I have noticed beneficial results both physically and mentally. I am able to exercise without having the consequences of excruciating pain and sleepless nights. I have been able to climb up mountains and function normally the following day.My ability to be active again has also improved my attitude and quality of life substantially. I no longer have to rely on prescription drugs to see me through day to day activities. I have been able to mend and sustain meaningful relationships again. I am truly marveled by the effects that CBD has had on my life. With the extent of the injuries my body has been through, it is a miracle that I am still alive. With the subsequent invasive surgeries needed to put me back together (33 to date) it is even more of a miracle that I have any semblance of a normal life. However, it is not without daily limitations and pain that I am able to live. CBD has had a remarkable impact on my body in my personal experience that it allows me to help reduce inflammation and myriad aches and pains.. It is an amazing feeling that I hope to share with the world.